Is this safe? I big mountain of steak, already heated.

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Is this safe?

The Mexican joint by my house cooks, then piles up a big mountain of diced steak on the flattop, when someone orders a taco, the take a little bit of steak from the pile.

When its not too busy the pile sits there for a while.

Are there any health issues to doing it that way?
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I would suspect it's fine. But i agree with French Fries, depends how long it stays and what the temp is.
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As the others said depending on the temp and sitting time it could be safe, but that doesn't mean it's going to taste good.
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As it sits on the hot griddle in a stacked pile, it is still cooking and probably is no longer toward the rare side. This is ok as long as more is not cooked and put on top. If all used within say 2 hours all should be well. 
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You are a brave man if you eat that meat....

I'm just too much of a 'fearty cat' to do such a thing!
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