Is this normal?

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I just graduated from culinary school and it was a career change for me. I would like to know if my current situation is normal..

I started as a dishwasher and within 7 months I am now a prep cook, but I still do dishes and prep at the same time. Some days I work the line ( I am a line cook). I really like where I work, it is my first restaurant job and industry job, but it is inconsistent with hours and accountability. Is the hotel and resort industry any different. Oh, I live in Orlando, FL. and I'm also new to this site..
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The more positions you can perform well, the more valuable you are. The more reliable and consistent you are, the more the chef will be willing to teach you extras and lead you up the ladder. This is absolutely consistent with what I do, everyone starts at dish because that is where we have the most call outs and I need flexibility in my crew. How can my sous know if something is being done incorrectly if he never learned the job? Yes, even my sous was hired in dish and learned every spot before becoming my right hand, that's how I mold him and learn to trust in his abilities to handle my kitchen when I'm not there. Surprisingly many culinary grads have passed through my kitchen not able to handle the ego knock or pace of working dish and I didn't keep them. Do your best, learn every job, watch others as you quickly do your job and progression will happen.
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