Is this normal?

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I've noticed something... I seem to put a lot of pressure on myself for perfection. It is to the point of if I mess up the plating of something I MUST redo it until its right (while my other team mates would be comfortable just presenting the dish).  I have a very short temper but I keep it all to my self, I am well mannered and keep all of that frustration to myself and I do realize that I do not know everything and that other people are here to learn also...given that I just bite my lip and present myself as laid back and willing to help others  but I'm sort of worried that being this obsessed about cooking may be a bad thing.

Any opinions?

I also have a ten year goal set and I think I set the bar very high:
Wow Zane, having chopped and edited what you said a little, I am a lot like you. I am self-critical on myself and put a lot of pressure on myself in the kitchen as well and am a perfectionist too, even if my tutor says i'm competent or it's good I still feel as though something isn't right or something I can improve on the dish so...


"I seem to put a lot of pressure on myself for perfection"

I've heard that the moment you lose this is the moment you're done in the kitchen (to take it to the extreme and provided your goal is excellence). ie, never "lose" that.
I also agree with Culinuthiast, the moment you lose that 'ideal' is the moment your desire and ideal in the kitchen is done and likewise my goal is excellance and I am very emotional when it comes to food, I mean when things were going wrong in the kitchen in my little brigade and my food hasn't been excellant, i've been close to crying (Yes, i'm not kidding there).

Zane,  I recognise you in myself, not so much with cookery but other things that I have striven for - and driven myself into the ground relentlessly in the process - it is impossible to stop if this is your nature.

 What will happen (most likely) is that you will reach your goal because you are not the type to quit, and you will make it,  you will, at times make yourself ill, and there will be  sacrifices but you have to weigh this all up -  and the answer to your last question ?      it is ALL possible.

Good luck to you   /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif
Well said!!

Affirmative, don't strive for "Michelin Madness" because it really is just that - madness. Strive and believe in excellence!!

 Zane, while I applaud your integrity and motivation, you gotta understand that in life, very few people will live up to your expectations, and only .000002 of 1% of the people are like you.
ChefRoss is right here, I know I am one of the .000002 there.

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your continued input, it means a lot to me.
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