Is this Cod raw or cooked but refrigerated?

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I microwaved this cod my friend gave me, for a few minutes, but it only dawned on me that I never asked him if it was pre-cooked or not. I put the cod in my fridge and ate it a few hours after.

Is this cod raw or cooked?

If raw, how long until I become violently ill?

Thanks in Advance.

My friend is a chef and I just naturally assumed it was just leftovers from today.
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You posted at 1:10 PM. What time zone are you in?

From here, it looks partially cooked. But why did you cook it, refrigerate it, and then eat it?

If you haven’t puked yet you might be okay.
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The problem with cod isn't bacteria that will cause you to get violently ill. Its the parasites. There's a reason why cod is not featured at sushi bars. You can't call your friend and ask him/her if the cod was cooked?

Its hard to tell from the pictures, but, it looks partially cooked, at least around the outer layers. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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I live off the west coast of BC and we get a lot of fish here, salmon and different varieties of cod. I don't worry about cod worm etc. Most salt- and freshwater fish have worms/parasites but fish are typically frozen at sea and that kills the parasites, as does cooking. If you catch the fish yourself, cleaning it immediately will also prevent infection.

Even if you somehow manage to eat a live cod worm, it's unlikely you'll sick from it. A stat I found from the BC Centre for Disease Control said "infections averaged 0.8 per population 100,000 over the 10-year period"

We can buy sushi-grade salmon and tuna in the stores here, and it's always flash-frozen at sea before it's sold. There are many varieties of cod, and I think you can get it at sushi bars -
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