Is this able to be done?

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I have a Lodge Cast Iron 8" seasoned pan, and I am really liking it.

I hear you are not able to use soap on them, is that right?

Anyways, the reason I created this thread, is I would like to know if it is possible to cook

scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, or even sunny side up eggs in a cast iron skillet.

I tried an egg once and it stuck horribly, so I wondered if I didn't use a proper technique or something.
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It is true that cast iron should not be cleaned with soap and water.

If those eggs stuck, it was because the pan was not as seasoned as you thought it was.
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Or that the pan was not hot enough.

I clean my cast-iron by scrubbing with a paste of oil and salt, rinsing and hand-drying.
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I have a cute little cast iron skillet I use exclusively for fried eggs. Works great. I rub in a few drops of oil with a paper towel before and after use and it seems to stay seasoned just fine. I do put in a dab of butter for the eggs -- I don't think cast iron is non-stick enough to slide a fried egg around without any cooking fat.
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New cast iron pans like the one you are describing come pre-seasoned.  You should avoid putting soap on it yes.

I've heard from some who have newer cast iron pans is that they stick because they have a coarse texture on the surface.  This is undesirable.  I've even heard of people grinding the surface smooth and reseasoning them.


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It will improve with use. I fry eggs in mine frequently, but it is not my preference for scrambles or omelets as it tends to stick more.

It is a myth that you can't use soap. You should avoid soap as it breaks down the patina faster than water alone. The bigger issue is with scented soaps as the perfume will often linger in the porous cast iron. Still, soap is necessary now and then and won't hurt the pan if you use an unscented soap.

You can also scrub with coarse salt and a little oil.

Boil some water in it will often help to clean stubborn things.

Add a little baking soda to the boiling water for even more stubborn messes, but this too starts to break down the patina a bit.
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I was checking around online and I saw someone use fat, and then some salt, and the eggs didn't stick.

I tried cooking 2 eggs, one at a time so I could see if they would stick, and both eggs were cooked perfectly.

Since I recently purchased my Cast Iron pan (Maybe a month ago, and I have been using it quite often) it is quite rough.

The inside surface is REALLY textured and bumpy, but it seems to be smoothing out a little bit. 

If I can eventually cook scrambled eggs/omelets, I don't think I will ever purchase a teflon skillet again.

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