Is this a possible combination?

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I'm making a cake for my parents' anniversary. 

I'm going to layer my Neapolitan cake in the follow way: 

1) Fondant 
2) Strawberry Buttercream (Thin Layer) 
3) Vanilla Cake 
4) Strawberry Jam 
5) Chocolate Cake 

Is this possible? 

It's my first time using fondant, so are there any tips I should have? 

Thank you!
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I was writing a book lol.
IMO it is critical to have a good level cake.
Both the sides (up and down perfectly straight ) as well as the top.
Using both a knife as well as a carefully applied crumb coat are two ways to achieve this.

Search you tube for some great tutorials (Edith cannot remember her last name has some really good vids on there)

Let us know how it went!

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A classic flavor combo so yes it will work.
Are you using the same buttercream for filling ?

I see you have 3 layers ( will you be cutting the layers into tiers?)..... you might want to watch a few vids on cake structure and tips on stacking to prevent any embarrassing slipping and sliding ;-)


Sorry if I seem pushy (don't know what you already know)
My first fondant cake was with a mentor standing right next to me and I was still a nervous wreck lol!

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