Is This A Good Guide for Setting Up a Catering Business?

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Hello everyone.

This is Bianca and I have already introduced myself in the Introduction section of this forum. I am seeking to start up a catering business. I found this one out and am planning to use it. Setting Up A Catering Business. Since we have professional caterers here and have been catering as a means of their living, I figured it may be proper and ideal to ask here.

My question is would that be a good guide to starting my catering business ? or do you have any other good tips?

Thanks ahead!


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Have you ever worked in the industry before?   The best guide is experience.  Don't waste your money.
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$97.00!!!!  Sounds way over the top expensive for a "Guide".

kuan is right -- the best "guide" is experience.  Combine that with a good book on the business of catering and you have a great synergy.  There are many such books (all well under $97).

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Thank you kuan and Joe.

You've said it well. I believe experience would indeed be the best guide as I start with it.

That guide seems to be too good to be true when I first saw it. Thank you so much for your inputs on the matter. I really appreciate it. More power to both of you.

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Be a perfectionist, and spend a lot of time on details. I have seen many caterers take to many things for granted. Be original in your thoughts, be good at what your do, give the customer more than they expected..............Chef BillyB
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