Is there always room for one more?

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    For those of you who've work in a restaurant, is this normal:

    My wife an I booked a reservation for valentine's day as a some what high end restaurant $50+pp, and the hostess took us to a table with one chair half way in the aisle, and a lady (a little on the heavy side) from the next table with her chair butt up to our table. 

    I requested a table with a little more room the hostess said this was all they had, I spoke with the manager and he said we'd have to wait for another table and a booth was out of the question unless we asked for one in advance.  The whole dining room was rather crowded so we opted to go somewhere else rather than take a chance.

    That said, and keeping in mind its $50+pp, is it:

    #1. Normal on a high traffic day such as valentines day to cram people into the dining room?

    #2. Normal to seat people at a table with a chair from the next table over butting up against it?
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    Well it's a Valentine's Day to remember I guess.  VD is one of those days where restaurants seem to think they have some kind of carte blanche to gouge customers.
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    Valentines is a terrible day to go out to eat. Everythings crowded, noisy, service slows down...

    Make something at home and save the trip out for when it will be good.
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    Sounds typical to me. We never go out on vd, learned that lesson years ago.
    There are a few holidays restaurants seem to go MardiGras level insane.
    Vd, mothers day, fathers day and Easter maybe. Even if you're a years long
    regular and know all their kids birthdays, they seem to forget who you
    are the minute you walk in on those days. Crazy!