Is there a secret to making "Oh my God" food?

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I have always loved cooking,so I decided I would like to go to culinary school to learn how to be an awesome cook. I watch food network and hear the judges for contests and people eating the chef's food, etc. and they always say "Oh My God", "This is Awesome" or "Ummm" while rolling their eyes to the back of their head. I thought the food must taste way better/different than "normal food". Everyone we know loves my cooking and my family always thinks it is better than a restaurant. I learned some things I didn't know in culinary school, but never thought it tasted different than what I already did. So, now I'm wondering, is the "Oh my God" food on TV really just good tasting, normal food, or is there some secret to making it more awesome? (Did you consider your mom's food, "Oh my God" food?)

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