Is the Henny Penny PXE-100 Velocity the solution?

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Need some guidance. Since the recent passing of the owner and sole chef, I've come out of retirement and now managing a local German/Bavarian restaurant.🤦‍♂️ A Hey, the draft beer is ALL DEUTSCH! I'm happy!

Background: We are a small family operated restaurant, 10 +/- employees (depends on who calls in) ~$3K/day turn over, open 5 days/week. Our BOH is one chef and 1 prep. with a second chef/owner to help. Standard old school kitchen with 2 open fryers to handle all the products. We have a moderate through-put of +/- 200 fried wursts, 150 basic schnitzels and ~30# of various fried appetizers and side dishes (fries, home fries, pretzel bites, etc.) per week. We are updating our on-line presence and do intend to increase our Takeout/To-Go sales both from in-house and on-line ordering. So, the equipment should be able to handle the potential workload as well.

Intent: Improve employee safety and reduce workload. maintain product consistency, easy staff training, simplify daily maintenance, and drastically reduce oil costs!

Thought: I'm considering the Henny Penny PXE 100 Velocity Series 8-Head fryer. This unit meets our intents while also reducing the heat in the kitchen, hopefully lowering our HVAC costs.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/suggestions Ya'll have.

Be Safe and Stay Healthy!🍻


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Holy cow this thing is for freaking stadiums man! Isn't there something in between? The disadvantage is you can't drop fry or if you have to fire one or two orders it seems overkill.
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Thanks for the reply, Kuan. I forgot all about drop orders. Time to relook our kitchen process from the ground up as a system and not one item per se. Even a small reduction in oil costs while creating a safer "almost micro small" kitchen and constancy would be useful.

Sounds like it's time for a beer and do some more head scratching?! LOL!

Thank you again for the information. Stay Safe and Healthy, Have a GREAT CHRISTMAS SEASON!

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