Is the arts institute a good culinary school


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Most of these schools  [product="26801"]The Art Institute Of California San Francisco​[/product]   or  [product="26822"]Le Cordon Bleu Usa​[/product]  are factory schools you will get the same education for a lot of money. My recommendation is find a good community college and attend their program and work at a great restaurant at the same time. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to do basic mise en place (chopping, dicing, etc) and stocks and sauces. There is one review of the Art Institute here:  
[product="26801"]The Art Institute Of California San Francisco  [/product]
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For a four word post, I can't give you much information. There are many similiar threads on this site, you just have to pull them up. Nicko is spot on with community colleges. Be aware of any school that puts more emphasis on recruitment than it does on the actual curriculum.
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