is something wrong in the way we eat out ?

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Yesterday night I've made a tour of the actual prices in restaurants in Winnipeg :
no surprise that,
expensive as they are, many go bankrupt :
there is something wrong in a system which starves the producer on whom it's based,
impoverishes its patrons,
while succeeding in heading into bankrupcy for nearly half of the trade.
Who is living near a big north american town and willing to do some experiments ?
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Welcome to ChefTalk.

......I'm not exactly sure what you mean. :confused: Can you clarify your post? :)

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Welcome to Chef Talk, riccardogorini. I am moving your question to The Inside Scoop forum where it will have a better chance of being read by more people. Perhaps an answer will emerge soon.

Again, welcome to the Cafe!
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Is your question in the vein of "How can a country with so many people have farmers who go bankrupt and get paid not to grow stuff?" Low prices from foreign growers.

As far as the restaurants are concerned, added competition has made the business a more difficult environment in which to succeed. Most restaurant owners aren't expecting to hatch a sizeable nest egg after it's all over - most are struggling just to stay alive and do what they love. If I'm reading you right...I agree - it's a shame.
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I wasn't sure exactly what ric was mentioning. I think that is why we should do as Shroomgirl said and support our local farmers. That would bring prices down and supply the customers with very fresh (and less expensive) food. Is it because the local farmers seem so far away that owners can't/aren't utilitzing them? Or some other reason?

Thanks to Shroom Ive found my local Farmer's Market.

As you said Chiff it is a shame.
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Farmers markets rock . I love this time of year when I can support and reap the benifits of our fresh grown products . Keeping the money local helps greatly . As Shroomgirl says , support your local farmers . It makes a difference all the way around .
Keep cooking and good luck , Doug ....................

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