is powdered veg stock water soluble?

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am making tomato consomme for a new specials menu at work tomorrow. the consomme is my idea to add to the new specials menu.

since i gather after 2days off work right before the new menu starts, i can pretty much guarantee that there wont be any tomato juice in stock and plan on using veg stock with tomato puree as a substitute instead.

should i leave the veg stock out and just go with plain watered down tomato puree, or go with my instincts and use the veg stock?

im quite sure the veg stock wont cloud my consomme but cant be too carefull ya know
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Since you're a professional, you can also solicit ideas in the professional chefs' forum.

I'm a home cook but I'd say watered down tomato puree would be less-than-desirable. The vegetable stock with puree would be more complex.
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was wondering/concerned weather powdered veg stock would dissolve properly and not cloud a consomme.

i chose the veg stock with the tomato puree and the result was great and a success! ... the tomato consomme i made was more clearer than the head chefs seafood boulliabase that he spent hours skimming and straining several times for it to clarify :)

i will endeavour to make it properly with the tomato juice next time.

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