Is Nespresso coffee high quality?

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I am also a big coffee shop fan. I like to visit other places and enjoy the vibe and watching the world go by. I also work a lot out of coffee shops as a freelancer. So I feel I’ve tasted close to the very best via a range of places. I drink coffee but don't have a coffee maker. I would like to buy a Nespresso coffee maker. What do you think? Is it a good decision for me?
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I don’t know you so can’t say if it’s right fir you. I bought one for my brother and now he likes me again. It was right for him. Go to a Nespresso store and try the samples. They are beyond generous with samples. You might find out that it’s good for you. It’s really good coffee that comes in a huge different types.
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I am not a fan of the Nespresso coffee as it always tastes burnt to me.
if you want the best possible coffee without putting any effort into the whole process then get a grinder, a French press and buy small batches of freshly roasted beans. if you wanna go with quality I would stay away as far away from Nespresso as possible.

Now if you wanna go for convenience they are unbeatable. they went apple on coffee and its fucking genius.
I would say keep trying coffee in different places and when you find it you'll know it. I am big fan of Vietnamese iced coffee. Best stuff ever.
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Compared to Keurig the Nespresso is much better in terms of flavor. Compared to "the very best via a range of places" you might not be satisfied with it, but I agree with brianshaw brianshaw to try a sample or two if you can. You might find it more than tasty enough to use at home.


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J justinblack We have owned several nespresso machines and they are a great option for the home. The coffee is a high quality coffee and they have many varieties. What I liked about the nespresso system was the small footprint, good quality coffee, and simplicity. It is just an easy machine to use and grab a good coffee to start you day. You can buy them brand new and they are not terribly expensive compared to some coffee makers. Another option is to buy a used one on craigslist or ebay. Often people are given them for gifts and it is not something they needed or wanted. Let me know which one you get. Personally I prefer the nespresso over the Keurig coffee.

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