Is my roll too loose?

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I am new so I hope I'm doing this right. Earlier I began making "Snickerdoodle Pinwheels". They are cookies. The recipe said to roll dough between two pieces of wax paper into a 12x8 size. I did. Then I put the ingredients on the dough and then I was to roll from the short end using the bottom piece of wax paper to guide the dough into a roll. As I got to the end of the rolling, I noticed that the roll wasn't tightly rolled. It was not super loose, but not really tight either. As I rolled 3 more, each one became a little tighter. Should I re-roll the first one or two or will it bake ok after I slice it into cookies (after chilling)? Please help asap! Thank you for your help.
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If the dough has been chilled, check to see if it unrolls without sticking to itself. If it's too messy to unroll, don't bother trying.

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