Is Michael Lomonaco alive????

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Yes, Kokopuffs. He also had a Discovery Channel summer show we talked about some weeks ago. I get sick when I think about anyone being in that building above the impact points....


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No, maybe not, but I imagine that many cooks, servers, dishwashers, and bussers were there. And that is the true tragedy. Windows on the World was just a place. It's no tragedy that it is gone. The tragedy lies in all who died along with it.
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I was just thinking today that same question. What about the staff, where they able to get out being on the top floor? I keep on thinking WHY? WHY? WHY? does life deal us such a hand ---


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You woke up Tuesday morning it was like any other day. While we were carrying on as usual, somewhere there were people who were planing to execute such a monstrously evil plan. You had never met those people, never suspected such evil could exist never thought someone could carry on such a monstrous plan. They did not care about human life. They were willing to die to kill others. And we are left wondering why…

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can't wrap my head around this.
Heather Ho is a great talent and insparation.
many brilliant lights have been extinguished.

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Lomomaco lives, and thankfully so; he is a talented chef and a nice man. I don't envy him, though. He just lost 30-35 of his crew to a senseless act of barbarity unequaled to any I know of occurring during my lifetime. I don't know how and if I could handle it. I wish him and especially the families of our fallen brothers and sisters peace. All we can do is continue to cook with passion and with love in our hearts. And never forget.
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i dont not know the man. Nor do i know the workers. However, i do know the pain of losing people close, regardless, of the situation.

I propose that this site generates a list of lost chefs and staff, and that to commemorate them and others lost, that a suitable symbol, a wreath or a ribbon, whatever, be displayed on all sites, not just this, to symbolise, the loss and the hope to spur those left behind and to propel everyone into a future of hope and rebuilding.
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I second that. Thanks for the suggestion.

As I watch the news for the third day, I feel sadder and sadder.
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I took a 'virtual tour' of Windows on the World yesterday. I wish I hadn't. It was much too disturbing. All I could feel when the 360 Camera was panning around the room was the plane crashing in the floors below. I understand when the first plane hit, people above the point of impact were told to move up to higher floors. I still can't wrap my head around it all.
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As I work in the kitchen not talking to my assistant, my head is just filled with thoughts on the destruction. I just keep thinking and thinking of the images and the faces. It's weird to hear somebody's laughter accross the kitchen; just so out of place. I thought of Heather Ho today ---and the many others---and it just still seems surreal. May they be in a better place. Amen. :(
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