Is it the economy ???

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why is it that people who, on paper are worth more than minimum wage salaries, get looked over when it comes to being hired ?. I thought that the better a person's education, the better their chances at getting a good job. don't get me wrong here, I am working full time, but it's just that I've applied at a few places, just so I could earn a little extra cash, and I've heard nothing from anybody.
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No. Part of it is that the people hiring are intimidated by applicants who are "overqualified." And they figure that because you are "overqualified" you'd be bored in the job you've applied for. Finally, they are just plain rude and don't realize the need to be courteous and at least acknowledge that they received your material. :(
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When I was interviewed for my new job in a 'family style' restaurant, the owners said they noted from my resume that most of my experience was in more 'upscale' food, and would I be happy doing burgers and simple entrees. My answer - "There's nothing better in the world than a great burger!" I got the job.

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