Is it possible to restore chemically burned pans?

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Yikes, what a mess those pans are! I wouldn't bother putting any effort into them. The all can be replaced for about $50 or $70 at a local Smart&Final, or whatever your local "commercial" store is. You'd put a lot more effort int restoration than it is worth.
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Why not heat one up and put some oil in it? They don't look the same but I don't see why they would not work the same. Re season and see what you can do. 
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That looks like aluminum oxide to me. Potentially a quick path to Alzheimer's... Or worse, impotence.
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Might get that stuff off with a wire wheel mounted in a drill or bench grinder, but.....

I don't think it would be worth the effort...


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They're so pitted that they'll never release right; they'll burn at the drop of a hat. There's just no value in them except for recycle.
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Thank you everybody.  I think at this point I'm going to be safe than sorry and dump them off.

Luckily there wasn't anything really put into them.
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Grill screens if they are not pitted. 50 - 70 a piece cost. That's a lot of money to throw in the garbage
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Well, I guess if the o.p. has a gas range at home, and is willing to put in the labour, andvprovided the pans aren't badly pitted, yeah sure, why not?

Thing is, those are alum-lum-lumnimmum pans. Cheap like borscht. They are already warped, so they won't sit flat on an electric or ceramic range,--useless as mammaries on a stud bull, unless you have a gas range, where it then behaves like a mini wok.

But don' stop there! The handles are riveted on, and guessy-guessy what the rivet material is? Yup alumynum. Baby-poo soft aluminum. Which means that the rivets will compress and deform their holes after a few weeks of shaking the handle, which means you have a loosey-goosey handle, and also a pan that leaks at the rivet line. Now, its one thing for the pan to dribble liquids all over the stove, making a nice mess to clean up, but when that pans starts dribbling smoking hot oil out of the rivet holes and down your wrist, well then.....
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