Is it possible to grow your own mushrooms?

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Does anyone grow there own mushrooms for restaurant use?

I think it would be nice to say the mushrooms were picked when your order was placed 5 minutes ago.

If anyone has experience with this, please kindly share it
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Hello KitchenChef,

I did grow my own mushrooms but I didn't do it for restaurant use. I used it for my cooking competition show table. Made a oversized display so they could see through a glass window the different layers and the 'roots' of the mushrooms. Used two types of mushroom White button mushroom and shiitake. Worked out pretty great ... won the design price!

It is been awhile since, but from what i remember its pretty easy. Only for some reason i had to do it inside the house! I think it was to cold or warm outside (was in the Netherlands) or it was that i was able to control the temperature inside?! I think i have it somewhere written down.

Anyway they sell all kinds of kit on amazon.. I think you can do it but i don't know if you have the space for it! and from what i know you need a special kind of compost to do it but once you have it. it comes back. oh and i think you will need a greenhouse for it....

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Growing mushrooms is very risky( contaminates easily * remember mushrooms are FUNGI * )  its a process to everything. You can make everything your self from your local walmart (exp. bird seed, hay, grain,  plastic boxes, pressure cooker, plastic bags) Hell ive got you started :p, expect you need to buy or use the spores from someone elses grow sites. Dont ask my how i learned you don't want to know :p I was young once and into the wrong things ( Differnt types of mushrooms haha ).

Do a search on google allot of info out their !! One site inparticular i know of will show you EVERYTHING you need to know just subsitute  for the type of mushrooms you want to grow.
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Hi Chef-Marcus and jlmassey

I bought a small kit for button mushrooms and it worked like a bomb for about 2 weeks, had as many mushroom items on the menu as possible, the mushroom box sort of fizzled out after 3 weeks but provided at least 50 punnets of mushrooms, which was very well received.

Marcus really like your display and this is what I will want to try in our restaurant, even if they are not grown by myself

Thanks for the input guys/img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif

Will post some pics if I get it right

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