Is it possible to burn/overcook a puree?

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Hi, I am planning on make a pumpkin beef soup/stew, wherein I roast some pumpkins and them puree them, using it as the base for the soup. I am planning to simmer some sort of beef in the pumpkin puree for a couple of hours probably. I was wondering if the extra cooking of this puree for a couple hours will degrade the taste or quality? Would it be better just to cook the beef in a different way and then add it to the pumpkin puree when it's done? I feel like that would lose some of the beef flavor though that would otherwise be imparted to the pumpkin puree. I also plan on adding some beef stock to it. Thanks for any info.


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You're probably better off cooking the beef and then pureeing it after.
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this conversation could tie into your other post. but no puree i've ever made needed more than a half hour of cook time.  usually simmering whatever it is i want to puree, then puree, then adding seasonings, dairy products, and whatever. after this you want to heat it up but not really cook it anymore. even if you're using a bain-marie, at this point it can still burn pretty easily.
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Long cooking of a pumpkin puree (even more if it's oven roasted, which means it's dehydrated) is not a good idea. Better prepare a beef brown sauce and add it spoon by spoon to your taste.

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