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Good morning, Guys.....Just being a chow-hound, and not a chef/cook, I would like to ask you pros, of what you think of the ever growing list of TV Chefs, who entertain us on the set.....Like Emeril, Rachel Ray, the fat guy with the stand-up bleached hair, and don't forget, Paula Dean?
I watch all of them, because I usually pick up something worthwhile from the show (well..maybe not Paula).
The one I will not watch is Iron Chef. No-class show in my opinion.
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I would have to disagree with you on Iron Chef. You can learn a lot from that show, but to be honest you might need to be a bit more trained to understand what is going on. That show is not for your average home chef. If you think that show is no-class you should have meet my German Culinary Instructor. As I have grown in the culinary world, I really do appreciate him now.
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In England we have several good chefs that appear on TV; Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal, Raymond Blanc. We also have a few idiots like Ainsley Harriott, Anthony Worall Thompson and Delia Smith.

I tend to get inspiration from chefs like Thomas Keller, Greg Doyle and David Everitt-Matthias. These guys work daily in their kitchens and don't waste time on silly TV shows. Once you become a TV celebrity you lose touch with the kitchen that gained you the acclaim; IMOP
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As someone who is way more into eating than cooking, I can tell you that I enjoy just a few cooking shows. I find Top Chef and all the Ramsey shows pretty entertaining, but I think its' the combination of amazing dishes with added drama that hooks the average viewer like me.
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Its the opposite for me. I do not watch educational cooking shows (EXCEPT Good Eats), but watch iron chef all the time.
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don't whatch them much but have caught some good stuff from time to time....what gets me is how it's changed peoples perceptions of chef/cooks over the used to be that you were just a cook in some fancy club or something, but now you tell someone your chef/cook they say "oh my god that must be soooo exciting, blah, blah, blah" I just see peoples reactions have really changed with so much cooking show exposer. I guess it's a good thing....
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Iron Chef is a great show, just not for the average home cook. Gordon Ramsey is awesome and a hoot. One of my cooks said Gordon reminded him of me when ****'s Kitchen first started here in the states. Is that a good thing?! :)
Joined Oct 3, 2009 guys like Iron Chef. I guess I'm missing something, so I'd better give it another chance and take another look. I've only seen a small part of a couple episodes, where the chef gets in your face...I've never been able to handle that too well...still can't.
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Look, entertainment is entertainment, nothing to do with reality. If I want to learn something I'll blow the bucks and get professional books or DVD's, or if I'm just cheap, hang around the bookstores and libraries.

Entainment is sponsored by...sponsors. Why does "Chef" soandso use Brand "X" knives? Because that's who's sponsoring the show, why do nasty horrible little ingredients pop up? Because that's who's sponsoring the show.
Could any restaurant kitchen function on a regular, daily basis if the Chef had a hissy-fit every ten minutes and fired people every 15 minutes?

Iron Chef does have it's moments. BUT..... You have to realize that the contestants have um..., uh, a "little" time to prepare their menu, and get their timing down pat.

If I ever do get a tattoo, it'll be Daffy Duck doing his "Aluminum-num-nm Chef" Schtick......i
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