Is it okay to use different brands of knives in a professional kitchen?


christian holmes

Hey all,

My name is Christian, and this is my first post on ChefTalk. I am a culinary student in San Francisco, just getting started.

I was wondering, is it common to find a cook in a professional kitchen with many different brands making up their knife set? For instance: I was issued a full set of Mercer's when I started school, but I'd like to buy a victorinox chefs knife to use instead of the Mercer.

Would changing up the brands mess up my muscle memory for cutting and gripping and whatnot? Sorry if this seems like a basic question.

Thanks for your help!

christian holmes

So sorry! I accidentally posted this four times. Hiccup with my computer. Can I delete threads? Or will admins do it eventually? Hope I don't get kicked out or something. It was a genuine mistake.
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It's very common to use different brands, and probably more common than not. 

A lot of cooks in high-end kitchens are using primo chef's knives and a motley of less expensive everything else.

Your best choices depend on what you do, what you like and what you can afford.  And remember, a knife isn't a life sentence.  If and when you run across something you like better than what you have, no law says you can't buy it. 


christian holmes

Thanks BDL,

I guess I just need to chill out and stop worrying about what is proper. The first day of culinary school I asked my chef if it was okay if we replaced our standard-issue plastic spoon with a wooden one.

"As long as you do the work and pay attention, I don't care if you bring a spoon made of gold!" is what he said. I guess that's the sentiment of the rest of the industry as well...?
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dam straight. Use a paper shredder if you can figure out how, get your job done and learn what your doing.

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