is it me or my job?

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i work in a restaurant.
i like my chef alot but i'm incredibly bored.
we aren't a high volume place, we're actually pretty slow.
i started off in garde manger/pastry
and after 2 months i started rotating through all of the stations (GM/P, Grill, Saute).
and still i'm bored. i feel like i should quit, and move on to someplace else, but other people keep telling me to stick it out b/c it will get better. and that the chef i'm working under now knows alot of people so it'll be good for leads into other restaurants if i stay here a while. advice anyone?
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Are you still learning? If not, then maybe it is time to move along. How have you been with this place? Maybe you have 'mastered' all the components in your field of interest. Perhaps you could ask your current chef to put a good word in for you somewhere else, in exchange for your willingness to come back in times of need.
Keep us posted!
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If you're comfortable doing so, perhaps you'd consider discussing your predicament with the chef. Maybe she/he can offer you some work that is more challenging.
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chef mel... there are 250000 restaurants in NYC ...heck you can do whatever you want !!
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Its not the work that is boring. If you can't bring enough to YOUR work to keep yourself occupied, then talk to the chef. If you think you know it all by now, well, I dunno about that either. I have been overqualified for jobs, outgrown jobs, but never been bored. But then again I'm not a boring person. And I still manage to do dishes after all these years and can keep myself mildly amused. Not to dis you or nothing, but c'mon, if you are "bored" there has to be something else going on. I find when people are "other directed" and not getting into their job, there is usually other issues, work or personal, related.
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Right on dude , nothing shows your true colors as to be able to enjoy all of the aspects of our chosen field of endeavor .
Mel , my advice to you would be to get a second job in a hi-volume restaurant since you find your present employment so easy and boring . Have you ever worked a hi-volume restaurant when your short staffed ? What a blast . Since you have not been working hi-volume do you think your skills are good enough ? Most restaurants that stay open for any length of time have enough work to keep the kitchen staff busy , very busy that is .\
good luck and keep cooking , Doug.....................

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