Is it ever to late to take at least some training?

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I'm a mature computer/office professional, currently downsized.  All my life I have read cookbooks like others read mystery novels, love everything about a kitchen from the food created to the utensils.  Decent cook.  Would like to learn the professional way of doing things.  Do you think it would be worthwhile?
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I learn something new about cooking everyday, it sounds like you have a passion, if you have that much of an interest for something then pursue it...................ChefBillyB
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I am with ChefBilly on this ,

Never look back on life and have a regret. If you feel this strong about it and since you have always enjoyed it so much, why not ?

You have come to a great site that offers so much information and support.
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It depends on the extent of the training you'd like to get into. Why shell out all that money on school for recreational cooking? Perhaps a few beginner classes at the local community college would be right up your alley.
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That's certainly an option, I really want to go to culinary school but its SO expensive.........

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