Is Bigger Better?

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Chef's Collaborative had the finale Farmer Chef dinner at Cardwell's at the Plaza on Sunday.....incredible foods and wines....
Someone brought a HUGE btl of `1995 Cakebread that was incredible, really incredible.....conversation revolved around how the larger btls produce a different wine....well??????
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Wow dick, I never heard it put like that thanks for the chemical reaction info. I agree with what you said.Also in addition the the prossess of oxidation that slowly ages the wine there is the shear volume of liguid in the larger formats that mature a little slower do to temputure. the longer a bottle is exposed to a proper celler temp 55 degrees and 70% relitive humidity the lesser volume will mature faster just because there is less volume to age. shroomgirl, Just as a fyi, larger formats are sought by collectors and the like because of there scarcity, lower production goes into the imperials nebuchadnezzar 20 Bottles, rehoboams 6 bottles in champagne ect.
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I'm more apt to enjoy a large format bottle, mostly because of the occasion at which it's opened. It's less of an academic moment and more of a celebratory time with good friends and a good meal.

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