Is BBQ Pork or Beef?

Discussion in 'Q&A With Steven Raichlen' started by foodpump, May 26, 2011.

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    Barbequing must be one of the most history-rich styles of cooking.  Having never been further south than Seattle in the States, it is my understanding that most southern states automatically assume that "Bbq" is a pork item, while in Texas it is a beef item.

    Is there such a firm line in the sand, or is "BBQ" more or less a cooking method, and one that involves heat, smoke, and flavourfull liquids?

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    An excellent question, "Foodpump". I assume you're Canadian? There is a lot of partisanship in the U.S. when it comes to barbecue, with Texans taking the side of beef (quite literally, in some cases!). It all comes down to what was available before refrigerated distribution systems came into play. Wild hogs roamed (and still do) in the Carolinas, while cattle drives and German immigrants shaped the tastes of Texas. But fundamentally, the term "barbecue" means cooking slowly over low heat. It definitely incorporates heat and smoke, but it can stop there. The "flavorful liquids", for the most part, came later.