Is Arrowroot flour the same as Arrowroot powder?

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My gut tells me no, but I was having a hard time finding Arrowroot powder in my local markets, so when I placed an order on Amazon, I ordered some. I got a bag that says flour on it.

This is the listing:

As you can see, the listing says flour, while the pic says powder. I get that same bag, but again, the word flour is on it, not powder as in the pic.

Are they one and the same, or two diff things?

Thanks in advance.
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Probably. North Americans love to use the word “ flour” as a descriptor—ie. almond flour. Asians love to use the word “powder” as a descriptor—ie. coffee powder.

In the end what it is is starch anyway....


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Open it up. Is it fine and part sticky and slippery like cornstarch? If so then it is arrowroot. I would just boil some water and test it.
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You know - I didn't think to check until you mentioned it.

Organic Arrowroot Powder

LOL... I am confused now :/
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I expect it is like Foodpump said - you just got a bag made for another market where "flour" means powder- like how in England corn flour = our cornstarch.
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Thanks ^

So, after speaking with the manu via email, I opened the package, and it does seem like arrowroot powder. I sent them an email back explaining this, and they come back with:

A flour is powder, but powder isn’t flour. What are you using it for?

Is that some sort of riddle? LOL

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