Is a Technical Certificate a good idea?

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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my situation. I have two years professional culinary experience and have been working in restarants since I was 18. I am also pursuing my BS degree at UCF in Restaurant and Foodservice Management and have aspirations of working my way up to become a chef. I have about a year left until I graduate and was wondering if I should take classes at my local state college in culinary arts to gain a basic certificate. It is affordable for me and is only 18 credit hours but seems to cover the basics. Am I just wasting my time? Should I just try and save money to enroll in a better school like International Culinary Center for a diploma? Any advice helps.


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Hey Steven, If you feel like your taking a course in something you already know then the answer is no. I would get a job at a restaurant that offers other skills like working the front line or a different menu. You may also what to get into a Asst mgrs position. Even at a low level management position you will get training in Scheduling, and managing a small crew. I started my career in Restaurant management, the kitchen training helped me understand what was going on in the BOH operations. I know may a restaurant mgrs that can't even cook. The more you know now will help you in the future deciding on other career moves The FOH and BOH knowledge helped me over the years to own my own foodservice operation........Good Luck.........Chef Bill
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I would concentrate on finishing the BS.  After graduation see what happens before you spend the extra bucks.  Find a talented chef that will mentor you.  Try to get a paid internship at a restaurant of the type you wish to work.  Good job getting the BS it will open doors.  Then you can show them your skills at your working interview.  

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