Is a private chef gig more difficult than restaurant chef?

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by vegi03, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Ive been working mostly fine dining for over 13 years- mainly in pastry (because I prefer the pace- not bc I like baking). Have about 2 years in between doing catering and hotel banquet as well. Though cooking is my true passion, I never liked many aspects about the industry- especially the hours and the low pay. (Never had a desire to advance because I knew the hours would increase as well)

    I recently was presented an opportunity to be a full time private chef for a single man with occasional days serving his two preteen boys and his mother at his home.

    I am excited because I think this type of work may suit my more introverted and laid back personality. I like working alone and unsupervised and tend to be a little bit less organized than many A type perfectionist chefs Ive worked with. I also feel stuck in that niche as Ive hit a plateau as far as advancement (no desire to move up).

    Is the private sector as demanding as restaurant or is it the dream job I think it is? (the gentleman just wants great home cooked meal- nothing fancy) He won't be around a whole lot either- just for dinner time.

    Any one with a similar experience as me have any tips?
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    I have no experience in that realm and not tips per se, but it does sound interesting.  If I'm being honest one of the best parts of being a chef is showing off and having you ego stroked; I can't think of any other kind of cooking job where you'd get more validation and instant feedback.  If the money and schedule is right it sounds like it would be a nice change of pace.
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    Welcome to ChefTalk Vegi03:

    This topic is something I am intimate with, as I gave up the hustle bustle of the industry after 30 years for a Private Chef job.

    I work for a couple, and am one of several employees.

    I am blessed to have found the job that allows me to have Carte Blanche to do whatever I want.

    Since every private Chef job is different, I can't comment on how yours might work out, but I have been with my employer now for 16 years, and still pinch myself to make sure this is all real.

    Do I work harder now then before?  No.

    Is the work harder then before? Yes.

    (client requests restaurant quality and better, prepared in a home kitchen setting)

    You will have to adapt to working in someone's home rather then in a busy kitchen.

    You'll have to adapt to scaling down recipes from 100 down to 3-4.

    But besides,'ll have the time of your life and have time FOR your life. Best regards......