Irresistible Foods

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Which foods do you find irresistible? Which do you find youself chowing down on when you're already sated?
I have several, but I'm interested in knowing where others' fundamental tastes lie...
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Dear FoodnFoto:

They are so many!

If I had to choose only one it would be "Kokoretsi". I have not had any for twelve years now and I am ready for it!

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My mother's German potato pancakes... not fresh-hot, but the leftover ones, sitting on the counter after supper. Eaten slowly out of hand, sprinkled with garlic salt.

Pickles. Pickled anything, pickled anyhow. I never met a pickle I didn't like.

Bittersweet chocolate. Extra-salty licorice. Guylian Seashells. Chocolate-covered malt balls (like Whoppers, but I get these ones from the grocery which are bigger, with thicker chocolatey coatings).

Any or all of these, depending on the day.
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Chocolate and seafood...but not together!

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Almendras rellenas
Popcorn (I just can't stop!)
Artichokes (weird, I know)
Neuhaus pralines (not tonight honey I have a
Al Fresco's Caramel ice cream
Sushi pizza (on the fried rice bed and the 'Japanese thousand island' dressing)
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Ok here is my list. Includes, but not limited to:

Popcorn with nutritional yeast (wierd, I know, but you try it and see if you don't agree)

Champagne truffles!


Crispy fried okra

Double crust blackberry pie

Peel & eat shrimp w/ drawn butter
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Dear Papa,

I'll bet not too many people know what Kokoretsi are!

Here's a recipe

Is yours different in any way, Papa?



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I like different food at different time, depends on my mood and energy level.

There are some food only a mother can make like scramble eggs and french toast too. My mom makes the best.

A bit more gastronomical: duck with just about everything. Can't forget my mom apple duck, she makes the best.

Lobster of course, foie gras, not that I have it often.

Pear & almond tart. Clementine on it's own, it's the perfect fruit.

Let's not forget ginger scones.
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I am not a mother and I make incredible scrambled eggs,Warm pan,foamed butter and a constant gentle stir.My girls love em.

I adore lamb,Anyway it's prepared.

I can eat 2 racks myself.

Also give me a big fat scoop of skippys peanut butter on a spoon and I'm smiling

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Fresh Jam, European butter and croissants (or good bread)
Pan au chocolate....every Sat am...
Frita Misto with a good sauce...
Mashed potatoes with loads of sauteed mushrooms, a blue cheese, sauteed onions, Sour cream, butter (all the dairy one would want), green onions, bacon....a spoon.

We had a pie and ice cream professional class tonight...peach pie, concord grape pie, blueberry tart and vanilla ice cream!!!!There were 3 dieticians out of 10 of us. Pretty funny. Anyway you may include ice cream and pie on my list.
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You know, it can be almost anything, depending on my mood. I can munch salad until I burst when longing for fresh veggies. Or too much freshly smoked roast beef. Chocolate, of course, in almost any form.

Ah, but what destroys the diet the worst is freshly baked bread with butter.

On the other hand, you will never find me eating too many lima beans or too much liver.
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Dear Constantine,

ti kanis?

Greek was mandatory in College but I forgot most of it.

Therefore, I will need your translation, at your convenience.

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Hello Guys!

You are really funny!

I will translate it and post it for you. Just give me some time.

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If I had to choose two foods to exist on for the rest of my life it would be popcorn and a spoonful of peanut butter:::::::::running for the peanut butter jar :D

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