Iron Chef Survivor - The Final Week

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It's Week 6, the FINAL WEEK of Iron Chef Survivor. It's easy to play... just vote for the Chef you want kicked off, leaving your favorite Chef remaining in the end.

Here's what happened during the first five weeks:
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5

Last week, Sakai Hiroyuki was voted off the island.

We now have the following 2 remaining contestants:
  1. [*]Chin Kenichi
    [*]Sakai Hiroyuki (Voted off Week 5)
  2. Kobe Masahiko (Voted off Week 4)
    [*]Morimoto Masaharu
  3. Nakamura Koumei (Voted off Week 3)
  4. Michiba Rokusaburo (Voted off Week 2)
  5. Chef Ishinabe (Voted off Week 1)[/list=a]

    Will it be Kenichi or Masahiko in the end? Let the fun continue here during Week 6!

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