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I have no idea where to post this.  I won't be offended if a mod can think of a better home for the post.

Anyone ever worked with one of those water ionizers on a professional level?
Some guy came by today and gave a demonstration which I kinda half listened to when I wasn't on the phone.  There were plenty of hung-over people around to drink all the ionized water, so they liked it.  It removed a lot of oils and chemicals from the tomatoes versus regular tap water.  That's great and all, but I'm mainly interested in the marinating qualities of the high ph water the contraption can produce.
I've got a quart of it at home and am about to braise some more blade roast in a little of it...  I think the ph is 11+(?)  I guess I'll find out if the roast disintegrates or not, I'm just curious if anyone has ever used it before and if it is win or fail.
Old news, possible new wave, or splash in the pan?

EDIT: I put 1 cup of the crazy 'magic water' in the bottom of the pan with 1 Tbls dried thyme and the color of the water almost instantly turned yellow/green, as if the water was drawing out the oils of the dried thyme. Well, with a ph of 11%, duh.
I'm not trying to sell anything.  I went out of my way to NOT include names.  Just interested.
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