Inviting a guest chef?

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Hi, everyone.
I'm guy who is starting a new restaurant in Asia.
I've got a plan about inviting a guest chef to create 3 sets of dishes, including 2 dinner menus and probably 5 dishes that go with wine and cocktails. So that's about 17 dishes in total.
The chef has to fly to Asia and work for 2 weeks. The pay is around 20,000 usd /14,500 euros. All transportation and accommodation costs are covered. According to expertise and reputation, the offer could be adjusted to 30,000 usd/21,500 euro.
Does that sound like an appealing deal?
If not, how much is fair?
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well it looks like a good deal to me for 2 weeks of work. you just need to find someone qualified in between restaurants or willing to take a leave of absence. in fact someone here might be willing to go, more then one person here is fully capable of this.
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This is a scam right? c'mon, $20,000 for two weeks of work -you could have almost any chef in the country.

sure, I'll do it -let me guess you need my account number to transfer the funds?

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