Invisable thread?


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That feature used to be called private messages. I find it useful if I have a question for a specific member or to resolve a problem they may be having.
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That's what I thought. But I don't think member dodgerbuddy realized hers was not a regular topic in one of the forums. And really, that's where this topic should be.

Looking at how you start conversations, I can see how a new member would confuse the envelop icon and the "start a new conversation" with starting a new thread. Having a button called "Post Thread" all the way over to the right and (on my machine) partially obscured might be the problem.

I also can't figure out how she chose the four members of that conversation.

You might want to look into changing "Post Thread" to "Start New Topic" and feature it more prominently. Then change Conversation back to private message or PM. That terminology is what everybody has come to understand.


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Thanks for the feedback that is a good idea
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