Invert Sugar???

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Can someone here please explain to me what exactly invert sugar does, and why it is used in confections?

I have a tub of Nulomoline that I've been using in some truffle fillings, simply because the recipes in my favorite cookbook of the moment, Chocolate Passions, said to put it in. Other recipes for truffles never mention the stuff. Now I'm curious!

Is it in there for texture? To keep the fillings from becoming gritty? Does it act as a preservative at all? If you add it fondants for chocolate-covered cherries, is it what is responsible for breaking the sugars in the fondant down so you get that (yummy) liquid goo?

Can any of you explain what it does chemically in a recipe, or recommend a resource where I can learn more about how and why to use it? I'm flummoxed. I hate the idea of using something without understanding *why* I'm using it!

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If your brain is still intact after trying to muddle through Dr. Wang's PHD Thesis you might want to try this link which explains in much simpler terms about 1/3 of the way down the page.

I was going to explain it in simple terms but this page gives you an overall better view I think.
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This is an excellent resource! A lot easier to comprehend than the highly technical article my brain was wrestling with earlier. I'm not much of a chemist, I guess. :blush:

This article explains all the hows and whys of invert sugar that I was curious about. Very practical, and very useful. Thanks so much for posting it!!!

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Would you happen to have a current link to this website explaining the uses of Invert Sugar? The one posted is broken.

Thanks in advance

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