Inventory nightmare

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Hi again beekeeper hb,

A search for free inventory programs gave a lot of choices or you could go with the Excel option 21tonyk shared, which is from my era.

I could not understand why, after forty years experience, you have a dire need.
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Have your suppliers help build it for you. If you use an online order guide, simply start by coping/pasting that information into an organized excel sheet (organize by meat/produce/freezer etc) and update the pricing/packaging sizing as it updates. Conversely it takes way more time but start going back to all old invoices and repeat same process to log into is forever updating the sheet for it to have any actual effect
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I wouldn't suggest that. If suppliers build it for you then they will want something in return. Even if they claim they don't, they will have their foot in your door when it comes to ordering and pricing.

Do not loose your luxury/Liberty/right of ordering whatever you want from whomever you want to, at prices you are comfortable with.

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