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I am a Chicago-based career changer with lots of motivation and no professional kitchen experience. I'm a 34 year old, male, ex-white collar business professional.

I'm an enthusiastic home cook with a growing repertoire (about 60 dishes). They don't always turn out to be restaurant caliber but I don't let that wreck my mood because practice makes perfect.

That's the sort of entry-level position I'm seeking: one that will let me get my hands dirty right away - even if it's as a dishwasher at first. I'm hoping that if I put my nose to the grindstone in the right kithcen it will pay off in terms of improved technique and expanded knowledge.

I have many questions but I will hold them until I re-read the posts to avoid duplication.

Does anyone know of a thread that has a mock interview for an entry level kitchen job? I would like to test some comments on real chefs and see if I'll be laughed out of the interview. :)
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Hi Eatokra! You must be a gumbo fan.

You have hit the proverbial jackpot in this site. You are wise to browse and read, because your interview questions have been discussed. Try using the search function on this site to zero in on what you're seeking. I think most of the threads are in The Inside Scoop and Culinary Students forums.

What dishes are in your repertoire?

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