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Hello, my name in Jeanette. I previously owned the 3rd largest gift basket business in Phoenix (primarily gourmet food and snack baskets), but sold it many years ago.

I've traveled extensively, primarily to experience the ethnic varieties of food available in this world. Some of my favorites were Thailand, the street hawkers of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, the seafood in the South of France, the pasta of Northern Italy (squid ink pasta was wonderful), serrano ham in Spain, soft shell crabs on the East Coast of the US, soft shell/Ipswitch clams that I grew up eating on Long Island, and fish and chips in England. I could go on. . .

I now own a blog that discusses gourmet food, wine gifts and kitchen gadgets at (not a link - can't post them yet - sorry). I hope that some of you will come over and read and comment on my blog.

And I hope that I have the opportunity to answer some questions and ask some of my own in this community!

PS - For others that have food, wine, travel or cooking blogs: I am always open to doing guest posts for your blog.

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