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Hello all,

I am a culinary student at CHIC in my last semester. I have worked in a kitchen for about 5 years, most recently in a "french" fine dining restaurant. At the restaurant the management and exec. would pester me daily about quitting school and becoming a sous. I refused to quit school and take this position. So it came down to them piling the responsibilities (and hours) of sous on my shoulders, which i was unable to handle while in school. This drove me to resigning my position. I am presently trying to gain employment in the downtown Chicago area with an upscale restaurant or hotel. I have applied at numerous hotels and restaurants (who have job listings that say they need cooks) to no avail. I never had trouble getting cook work before, and am wondering what it is that is keeping me from gaining employment now? I have many good references, and what i think is a decent resume (for a culinary student). My only thought is that maybe these places are calling the restaurant i worked at previously, and getting a bad reference. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,
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I don't think it was fair of the employer to do this to you. If you're almost done with school then he should LOVE to have you as a sous. I would think you'd be that much more valuable to the chef at this point. But if you're moving on completely: During interviews (and only if asked, never volunteer info) discuss the working climate of the previous employer. Explain that you were in school and all that. With your experience you should have a job in no time. I hope you land a fabulous one too!
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