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    Hi there,

    Im Meggie, a 24 year old cook from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ive been working with food since i was 14.
    Started out as a butcher as my side job on highschool. While most kids were delivering newspapers or working in the local supermarket, I was butchering up unthinkable amounts of meat. My boss thaught me a lot, knowledge wich comes in handy now i work as a cook (not sure if i can call myself a chef already).

    My father is a chef for 30 years and i worked with him in a few kitchens, to do shitty chores. He worked at a steakhouse where i had to clean spare ribs and keep the grill clean. Then he worked at a Marriot Hotel, where i was supposed to do mise en place and help making fresh breads. After that he worked at a grand cafe, where I tagged along as a dishwasher, but my dad finally saw that i could do much more than just the dishes.
    Soon enough i was making appetizers, salads, steaks, desserts... finally started to feel like a cook, instead of a kid.

    Since 7 years now my dad and i own a greek deli (my dad is greek). We cook all day long and our food goes in a display, wich costumers can take home. We also have some tables for people that want to eat in. We make great food, full of flavour and with beautiful fresh ingrediënts. But sometimes i wonder if I am really a chef? Sure i sometimes cook for 10 hours straight, since we are open from 12 till 10. Sure our food is rated one of the best in our city. Offcourse is our meatstew melt in the mouth, our vegetable dishes original and tasty and our cold appetizers delicious (all according to our many many costumers who keep coming everyday)
    But still this unsatisfied feeling inside stays. I dont feel like a real chef. I make dishes that usually require a startup and then finish themselves off in the pan or oven. When they are done they go in the display and they sell themselves. I just sometimes wish i worked in a 'real' restaurant. Where we get orders by the table and assemble a dish on the spot, rather than just filling up microwaveable containers for people to enjoy at home.
    I want to learn so much more i cannot learn from a book or a youtube video.

    Then just quit and find another job, youd say? I know myself and Im afraid i woyld regret it big time if i would leave this big oppertunity behind. How many people can say they own a business at the age of 24, that is going extremely well and getting busier by the day? Our costumers are so loyal, so happy with our food and the food for me is now like a cakewalk.

    I try nowadays to keep things interesting by teaching myself the basics and science of pattisserie and implementing that in our baked goods. By applying what ive learned and perfecting our recipes.
    But still i cannot shake the feeling off. I must go further. I am a cook but i want to be a chef. Maybe i will wait untill my dad retires (wich will be in 3 years max), sell the place and start working in the places i want to cook.
    After 7 years (and counting) of cooking home style food i just want to go to the next level i guess. French cuisine, gastronomy, high maintenance kitchens, the appeal is so big.
    But first...

    Let me make this melt in the mouth lamb stew for my costumers ;)
    Because i will always make my food top notch. Whether i work in a sandwichshop, a deli or a michelin starred restaurant (ha i wish...)

    You can always message me with tips or just for a convo. I am quite lonely because working in restaurants for so many years kinda burned up all my social contacts... :(