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Hi, What a fabulous website. My brother has introduced this to me and it is a good diversion from housework.
Me, I love to cook and have had a passion for food for many years particularly Indian, Morrocan, Middle Eastern Food. I have also enjoyed following Jamie Olivers journeys and have certainly cooked the typical Jamie Oliver style for quite some time.
So here I am ready to go and hopefully prepare some splendid dishes and have some fun with food over the winter.
:crazy: Kiwichik
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Welcome, KiwiChik! Your brother did you a favor, I think. Anyone who loves to cook (or eat in an adventurous way, for that matter) will enjoy being part of this community. It sounds like you have found wonderful ways to entertain your palate and to expand your culinary horizons.

Besides the discussion forums, we have cooking articles, cookbook reviews, recipes, blogs, the photo gallery... oh, and a search tool to help you get through it all. We hope you enjoy it all!

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