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Joined Aug 3, 2021
My name is David. I'm currently opening a specialty food and cookware store in the Catskills. I found ChefTalk when trying to decipher and get insight into some Soy Sauce Chicken recipes.

A little about me:

Some Favorite Cookbooks: Food of Sichuan by Fuchsia Dunlop, Fäviken/Fäviken: 4015 Days Beginning to End by Magnus Nilsson, Manresa by David Kinch.
Some Current Favorite Ingredients: Timur Peppercorn, White Soy/Shoyu
Currently Reading: South by Sean Brock, My Shanghai by Betty Liu

I live on a small homestead farm and raise chickens for eggs and meat, and have a strong network of local farmers providing incredible ingredients to my kitchen. I feel incredibly lucky and am always looking for new ways to maximize the deliciousness of what I have access to. Looking forward to talking with you all!
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I actually rather like seasonal ordering in cookbooks, especially ones that detail cuisines from places I don't know much about. But it is absolutely essential, when doing this, to provide an excellent index. All too often, cookbook indices will list, say, "Chicken a la X, Chicken XX, Chicken YY," and skip another chicken dish because the first word of its name (in the cookbook, in translation) isn't "chicken." If I knew exactly what all these dishes were called and what's in all of them, I probably wouldn't be buying your 101 cookbook, now would I?
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