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Hello everyone!

i just thought i'd say a little greeting. i love food, the art of food, history of food, and of course eating food. i am 20 years old, from the DC/MD/VA area. i was a business information systems major for a couple years, but just recently decided to change it to journalism so i can do what i've always wanted to do: become a food critic.
This is a great site. i'm sure i'll learn and find many interesting things here.

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Hello Flirfette,

Welcome to ChefTalk! Youll have to let us in on how one becomes a Food Critic. Im asking out of sheer curiosity. :) Can't wait to read more of your posts. See you around.

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i think becoming a food critic is one of those things in which you need to know people and/or start off someplace small. Tom Sietsema is the current critic for the Washington Post. i would love to have his position someday, or maybe critique for the New York Times, or in Chicago (i hear there are great restaurants there!). i've been looking into interning with Tom Sietsema. i figure this is probably the best way to gain some experience, as well as creating some close connections. If that doesn't work out, then doing guest reviews in small papers and magazines might be a good prep as well. As far as that, i'm not sure how else one would become a food critic.
If anyone has and ideas or suggestions, i would love to hear them!

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Welcome to Chef Talk, Flirfette. (I'm sure there's a great story behind that name!)

Some thoughts from someone who avidly reads my local restaurant critic:

I'm looking for informed opinion. The critic should understand ingredients, perspectives on food and its role in various cultures, cooking processes and equipment, restaurant business and food history.


You will find all of that here at Chef Talk in our various forums and, most importantly, among our members. You will find lots of launching points for reading and other experiences which will undoubtedly aid you in your journey. Good luck!


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Welcome to Chef Talk Flirfette!

Try to find out what backgrounds food critics have. Journalism may only be one of many ways to reach your goal.

Good luck!
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Thanks guys for your advice.

So far this forum has been a great resource. Not only is this site full of culinary information, but i think a lot of the other not so food related topics that are discussed are fun and interesting!
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Hey Flirfette welcome , you will get a lot out of this site as there is so much talent , knowledge and diversity here . Its a love of food thing that we all have in common . Look foreward to your posts , your friend in food , Doug .....................
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Welcome Flirf

In resonse to Gee Wiz, hey, I am Chef Murray, but I doubt that I am the one you are talking about, lol.
I am not a food critic, at least not a published one. After all, Being a chef is about being a critic and we are after all probably our toughest critics.


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