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Hello everyone, I neglected to come by to introduce myself before posting yesterday about food mills and saute pans, so here I am today. I am a divorced mother of 2 teenage boys, one in high school, one just went off to college. They think I am the best cook in our entire extended family, so I work hard to live up my reputation with them. No culinary school for me, though. I cook strictly for pleasure and relaxation. There is nothing like escaping to the kitchen at 5 p.m. after working all day and unwinding over my pots and pans. I turn on the T.V. that I can watch from my kitchen over the breakfast bar, open up my cookbook and start browning and chopping, and I'm in heaven. My favorite food to cook is italian and I am currently cooking my way through Marcella Hazan's "Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking." I plan to tackle Julie Child's "Mastering The Art Of French Cooking" in the coming year, probably right after New Year's. I think my all-time favorite cookbook, however, is Patricia Wells' "Bistro Cooking"; that is the one that both taught me to cook 20 years ago and taught me to love french food. In the last year I have branched out and purchased a few Greek cookbooks, too, as I love the basic ingredients of mediterranean cuisine. I have at least 50 cookbooks in my collection, which is almost complete, and I am hoping that I will be alive on this earth long enough to make everything I want to make out of them! For me, each new day is an opportunity to try a new recipe. Oh and I have wine with dinner always. I love wine. I guess that should be enough, for now anyway. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Welcome to ChefTalk.

Like you, I am an enthusiastic amateur - and the foods of the mediterranean are my dishes of choice, too. I've attended quite a few cookery courses, in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, as well as closer to home in Scotland, England and Ireland! Just love cooking!

I don't know any of the books you have mentioned - but they sound like some of our staples, too - by people like Elizabeth David, who introduced the British to wonderful foods after the austerity of the early 50s. I remember my mother cooking recipes from David's books - and how much we adored the 'foreign' tastes!

I hope you will enjoy posting here and joining in on topics of specific interest to you. Whilst the professional areas are 'read-only' for we amateurs - they make fascinating reading!
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Welcome! I also relax by cooking after a hard day. Get the knives, pots, pans, ladles out - I'm in heaven too. "Get into that kitchen, rattle them pots and pans"

But as we all well know - collections of cookbooks are never complete :) there's always one lurking to get your attention. It'll pop up and grab your attention in the bookstore; in the second hand store, it's dog-eared pages and splattered cover will look up with its big puppy eyes and say - "You need me". hehe silly yes I know.

Hope you enjoy the forums, great people and info here.

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you seem to be getting a lot of joy from cooking Les. You'll have fun here aswell.

all the best
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