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I am a 31 year old stay at home mom and I cater some on the side. I mostly decorate cakes although eventually I hope to branch out into full scale catering.

I am excited to find this site because I am always seeking new information.
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Welcome to Chef Talk, lstory! As Isa said, we're glad you're here. Please make yourself at home, browsing through our forums. You'll find lots of great conversations in all the threads. Don't miss our archives, and use the search function to find topics of particular interest to you.

Since you bake, you'll find plenty of kindred spirits in the baking forums.

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Nice to meet you Istory. You just described my mom as I remember growing up. It's a shame Cheftalk was not around then, she would have found a whole community of talented, fun people to turn to when she had questions. Good luck to you.;)
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