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Hello Everybody my name is Cat and I am new to this site. I am a self taught cook looking to get into the catering business. My work experience is on purchasing so I am working on making a transition to the food world.

Glad to be here and share my food passion with all you great foodies.:thumb:
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Thank you for the introduction, Cat, and welcome to Chef Talk!. I hope you've had a chance to browse the site. Don't miss the cooking articles, photo gallery and many more things beyond the discussion forums. Thank goodness we have a search tool to help you wend your way through it all.

If you're moving toward opening a catering business, be sure to visit the Professional Catering Forum. There, you'll find plenty of wide-ranging discussions, and even more material to be found through the search tool in earlier threads.

I hope you vist often to learn and share. Welcome!
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