Interviews with a scallop diver.


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Just curious if anyone has read the recent interview with scallop diver Tim Hunt that is in the ChefTalk education center? I found the article very interesting especially in regards to how much damage scallop harvesting does to the ocean floor. Anyone else have some thoughts on this?

You can read the interview by following this link:

Interview with Scallop Diver Tim Hunt


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Sure there is plenty of water, but not much fit to drink. There is a water shortage for many states and countries.
Many of us are trying to bring back salt water environments ruined in the industrial age, so we will have seafood to consume and enjoy for a long time to come.
Not to mention protection of water sheads and resivoirs.
I could go on for days.
Olly, why do you think we need to buy bottled water to drink? Why do you think nations of people are dying of hungar and thurst?
It's a big world out there people and we have to take care of it for future generations and our own.
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Great interview. It's sad to hear how the oceans suffer because of ignorance or just plain laziness. I've been hearing about how Atlantic swordfish and Chilean sea bass are getting fished out. I was just talking to a Native American shaman yesterday and we were talking about how her tribe thinks about 7 generations ahead. So, my concern here is will the people born generations later be able to know and taste scallops?
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