Interviewing for a new job, without giving the reason why you left your last place of employment.

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Hi, so I really don't wanna be too descriptive here, or in interviews. I am leaving my job for reasons that are not my own doing. Nobody did anything to me, I made the choice to give them my two weeks, I slightly explained why to them but I do like them and want whats best for them, they have great potential. There is nothing similar for me to do in my area so it really is going to be taking a huge loss... probably not financially, although I do not have anything else lined up at the moment, just a few applications. But to get a similar job in a similar restaurant would require a long commute or a major move.

When asked why I'm leaving/left my current employer what can I say? Every reason is something negative on the current employer which is not where I want to go. I don't want to badmouth them period, but I especially think that is a horrible way to begin a new relationship with an employer.. they'll always be thinking "whats he gonna say about me when he leaves here?" When they ask me what I want in a restaurant/culinary career, its gonna look as if I just had everything I wanted and left it lol.

Ugh, what'd I get myself into lol.

I'm thinking of saying perhaps the kitchen wasn't serious enough, but thats not quite right and makes me sound like a stiff.

Saying that I want to work in a serious yet fun kitchen, where I can feel proud to work everyday and bring my friends to, where I can continue to learn and use what I have learned, be part of a team.

I fear that in explaining what I want in a restaurant I may also be implying what was wrong with my current? Overly paranoid?
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