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Well talk about a surprise!  I had a call last night from the owner of a local place that I applied to be KM at and after a phone interview he wants to meet with me this afternoon for a face to face and a tour of the kitchen.  I really did not expect to hear from him at all.. I had applied two years ago there for a cook job and while he was very eager to talk to me, he didn't have time to meet with me so I just said stuff it and kept on looking and I landed the job I currently have.  I indicated in my cover letter that if he were to hire me I would be available full time two weeks from the hiring date, but I am available part time until then so I can learn his menu and how his kitchen runs.  (we close at 3pm and I can easily be at his place at 4pm as it is in my neighbourhood)  It is a small place... maybe 40 seats tops and everything is made on site from scratch.  It reminds me alot of the cafe and he has just opened a second location so he is looking for someone to run this one.  Wish me luck!!

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