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You get the picture. Here are two tough questions.

Suppose you see two employees arguing. What do you do?

You have a choice of potentially upsetting one of two people. One is your boss, the other is your subordinate. Who would you rather upset?
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Part 3

I like these questions!

2 employees arguing?

First you have a 3 way pow wow, you gather info.

2nd you meet with them individually. Gather info. Decide upon plan of action.

Meet again with both, resolve situation and shake hands. If it's not resolved, you must consult with management, other coworkers.

Decide upon action. Take someone out? Refer to shop steward?
Define course of discipline if necessary. Take someone into the walk in:)

Boss vs employee?

That is sticky, and I'm sure I'd be generally skewered for my response.

If I have a productive, happy and responsible employee who always toes the line for me, I stick up for them. At the price of taking heat from the man. No prob.

If I have a non producitive trouble maker who never backs me up, AND I've worked it out with the shop steward, union dink, whatever, I lose the employee and get a new one. If the union dink doesn't want to play, I go home and do some research. I try and talk over things with the employee and give them options. I tell my boss to keep on the ice.

It all depends upon the situation. Basically, you want to hold the company line, which of course, includes the rights of all involved.

ok, shoot me.

K, thanks again for provoking me:)
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Two employees arguing.
First meet with each one individually. I have found that when people argue at work it isn't really a problem with the employees it is a problem with the system they work in.
I would find out why they are in the state of mind that they would think arguing with a teammate would solve there problem. I may not even discuss the argument at all.
When people are in a low state of mind small problems are amplified and many things that shouldn't be problems at all become problems. If you find out why they are feeling the way they are and solve that problem. The argument will not happen again.
Say a server and a cook start going at it. The cook is pissed because the server keeps ringing in things wrong and they have to cook things over again. The server is pissed because every time he or she goes in to the kitchen they get an off comment or maybe just an nasty look.
Well the answer could be many things possibly the server has too many tables or is busier than they are normally and can't do as good as a job they normally would or maybe the cook came into an empty station after a day off or the menu is horribly weighted towards them and they just have to much to do in general. Who knows, that is where I would start looking though. You have to listen as though you are as dumb as dirt and listen for feelings behind the words not necessarily the words themselves.

Now with an employee arguing with your boss.
Really if your boss is not able to deal with problems without arguing it is time to start looking for another job. Arguing never solves any problems and when they are your boss their ego usually wont let them change because they are the boss. You will never be able to change them because they already "know". This most likely won't help me get a job but that is how I feel

The restaurant industry is full of egos and if you ask me that is why 77% of restaurants close in the first 5 years.

Remember it is a service industry and if everyone is not happy to be at work the customers will feel it and not come back.
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